What does Dutchfox do?

Marketing Campaign Management

Dutchfox manages bespoke marketing campaigns to help deliver business growth.

I help my clients promote themselves in today’s world, where traditional & digital communications are combined to drive maximum impact. Whether you have a new service or product to bring to market or would like to enter a new market with an existing product / service, a clear marketing campaign is what you need.

In brief, marketing campaign management is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. These tasks span the entire life cycle of a marketing campaign, from inception to launch to evaluation of result.

My goal is to raise awareness of your business so potential customers can find you easily.
Allowing you to focus on your business.


Social Media Marketing

Due to it's popularity and the growing number of clients who are specifically needing social media marketing and social media advertising, Dutchfox now also offers Social Media Marketing Services.

This service is designed to keep clients in total control of their social messages across various social media networks, while assisting them in the management, scheduling and advertising on the various social media platforms. The service is based on understanding my clients' specific business challenges and objectives.

As with everything, one size rarely fits all and so our social media service puts the focus clearly on what matters most to their company and how to achieve the results they are looking for.


Publication Design

Although I wouldn’t sell myself in anyway as a graphic designer, I am however a specialist in publication design. Having this skill in-house means it will keep the cost down considerably for the client and I can offer a very quick turnaround.

All my design work includes unlimited revisions, so I will work on the layout until the client is happy with it. This gives the guarantee of having a design the client likes 100%.

Although most of the work I deliver is part of a client’s marketing campaign project, If you would like to discuss your publications design requirements as a stand-alone project, please contact me for a quote.

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