Think ABC

As the Marketing Campaign Manager for the NHS South West Commissioning Support Unit (SWCSU), working on behalf of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset NHS CCGs, I developed a targeted A&E winter campaign to try to flat line or reduce A&E admissions over the winter period. The campaign introduced the slogan ‘Think ABC before A&E’ and ran from the 19th December 2013 until the end of March 2014. It involved a series of posters, leaflets, radio, press and digital advertising.

Campaign title: Think ABC before A&E.

This campaign was in line with NHS England’s objective to ensure that the operational standard of 95% of A&E patients being seen and discharged within four hours is met over winter 2013/14 .

Evaluation highlighted that:
34% of people surveyed, recalled having seen or heard about the campaign.
71% in the community survey understood the campaign was aimed at ‘stopping unnecessary A&E visits’ so in this respect has been successful.
74% agreed ‘it is very good and will make me consider alternatives to A&E when I am injured or feeling unwell’.
82% of the Community survey felt that the leaflet offered ‘structure and alternative’ and 90% that it offers alternative solutions.

Data analysis based on comparing A&E and MIU/UCC attendance from 2012/13 to 2013/14 showed that all A&E departments in the three CCG areas have seen a reduction in minor injuries cases and all MIUs/UCC have seen an increase in minor injuries.

It can therefore be stated that there is a clear reduction of minor injuries cases in A&E departments in our areas, which was the main objective of this campaign.

** NOTE: this campaign was shortlisted by the CIPR for 2014 in the category: Regional Campaign of the Year**

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